Land-lubber, for the time being…

After a successful season aboard the TS State of Michigan, fall 2023 brings a time of recuperation and rest. The cause; a self-inflicted elbow injury that went untreated for over a year. Now, a week into the 6 + week surgery recovery period, I’m thankful my wife and family are willing to take on the challenge of caring for a “oversized human being” that is extremely limited in the movement of his left arm.

I’m blessed to live in a sparsely populated area of northwest Michigan that affords me a view of an ever-changing fall landscape on my wooded property surrounded by state forests. Dark, gray clouds and rain melding with passing, fluffy white clouds, breaks of sunshine and blue skies, thunderstorms, frost covered leaves in the morning… it is truly awe-inspiring.

With “most” of the outdoor tasks completed for the fall season, I’m better able to enjoy the “rest” while catching up on some reading and listening to books, podcasts and favorite music. Being able to relax, without stressing over the remaining work, is a direct result of my ever-growing faith. Resting in His presence, knowing that everything I have is a gift, is quite an assurance to my spirit. Looking out any window in my home, it is easy to be thankful for the blessings and provision the Lord has given; a minute by minute reminder of the power and majesty of His creation, the all-encompassing Grace He provides, and the un-surpassing Love that is offered. Yes, the mounting uncertainty of our American culture, ongoing and escalating turmoil around the world, even the oncoming seasonal weather challenges are ever-present in the back of my mind, all relentlessly gnawing at the Peace that only He can provide, but knowing the “end of the story” allows me to rest well.

As the 2023 freighter season approaches its end, and planning for winter work begins, I am hesitant to move too quickly away from this respite… “slow down, breathe, heal, and enjoy this much-needed break,” the next chapter will be written before we know it…

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