From the earliest days in the kitchen at home, at first helping mom, and then trialing my own creativity, I was intrigued by the flavors and textures of food made from scratch. Then, at 13 years of age, my first job at a local pizzeria opened my eyes to the possibilities of a career in the culinary industry. I am thankful, 47+ years later, that my boss told me that he was going to teach me about good food, (and homemade wine), and that I would “never go hungry.” I am truly blessed in that I have never really had to go to work a day in my life.

I have had the good fortune to work in many various kinds of food operations; institutional, educational, professional. This has afforded me a well rounded base of knowledge in many aspects of the food industry.

Making the leap to culinary education from the private restaurant sector proved profitable both monetarily and personally. I have been blessed to share my experience and skill with thousands of young culinarians over the last 25+ years. Being a part of the northern Michigan food scene, I was able to shape the culinary program at the Great Lakes Culinary Institute as a member of the advisory board for nearly 23 years.

Now, having moved into another area of the food industry as a emergency relief steward, I continue to learn and grow as I share my skill and wares with varying crews on the Great Lakes merchant vessels.

It is with the wealth of knowledge and skill I have gained during a career spanning more than four decades that I embark on an official consulting business named Mise en Place Culinary Consulting, LLC. It would be my pleasure to prepare a proposal for culinary consulting custom fit to your companies needs, whether private, corporate, institutional, non-profit, or maritime galley services.

Joel Papcun CEC CCE

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