Open-water Sunsets Rock! The Sunrises Aren’t Bad Either!

I am never unmoved when witnessing an open-water sun event. At the break of dawn, sky still dark, but the earth’s rotation is moving ever-closer to a sunrise, first purple starts to brighten towards dark red, then red-orange, then a distinct pattern begins to warm the sky to a golden orange just above where the sun appears, and daylight begins. Glorious to say the least. Sometimes, when blessed with a layer of clouds that hang softly above the horizon, the light show above the sunrise can be awe-inspiring. The range of colors, from bright and exhilarating to dark and threatening, meld together to dazzle the visual senses.

Early morning in August, 2022, Lake Huron.

Mid-day sun, really, any time during the day that precludes it from being a “rise”, or a “set”, is not without it own spectacular qualities, and depending upon how the wind effects the surface of the water, the effects are stunningly beautiful. Mostly white and gray hues bounce about the surface, mixing with the bow-wash and resulting wake, to create a continuous churning of light rays.

My favorite, however, is the sunset! I consider it part of the benefits package for the steward’s position. Most days, the galley work has ended, and a well-earned hot shower is now past, my preferred “un-wind” spot on the ship is out back, on the aft deck. Kicking back with a sparkling water and quick phone call ashore, the eyes are tantalized by the varying colors and shimmers of a quickly sinking sun upon the water. Always different, always unique, never a letdown… and if you are lucky enough, you can almost hear the water sizzle as the sun finds its resting place below the horizon. These beautiful, daily sun-events only confirm the blessing we enjoy of being created by a loving and merciful God. One that loves us so much, He chose to make our existence abundantly beautiful beyond our imagination.

Sunset over the Straights of Mackinaw, August 2023.

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