Consulting Services

With over 45 years of culinary industry experience in private, corporate, institutional, and educational food service, we have developed solutions to help businesses stay ahead of the common planning and communication problems that can easily cause substantial loss of profit.

In a maritime setting; basic food cost controls, knowing what food/supply is available, when it was purchased, expected expiration date of highly perishable foodstuffs, and how to utilize them, are all important components of a well-run, safe, efficient food service operation. Ensuring safe and appetizing food service offerings for your guests and crew will align with the company goal of lower employee turnover and increased employee satisfaction, while employee wellness may be enhanced through increased awareness of fresh food offerings. Industry “word of mouth” provides the potential of increased recruitment activity due to a high-quality food service program reputation.

Previous clients include Grand Traverse Pie Co. headquartered in Traverse City, MI and , Schmuckal Oil Co. Mini Marts. (Schmuckal has since sold it’s stores to True North Energy, LLC)

Location observation of basic kitchen practices resulting in suggested recommendations to increase kitchen efficiency, fine tune food quality, and safety.

Developed a strategic plan for the creation of a working commissary to produce fresh, “market-sold” sandwiches. Worked with commissary manager on recipe creation, packaging, costing, testing, and implementation.

For more information, or to request a proposal for culinary consulting services please contact Joel with one of the methods listed below:

Joel Papcun CEC CCE

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